Skin Lightening

Skin Lightening

Skin lighteningย is the most wanted healing by people of all ages. While many a times patients come to the clinic and say in easy words that they want skin Whitening. It really may mean

  • They want a fresher looking, glowing skin
  • They had a current tan and want to get rid of it
  • They have some pigmentation related difficulty which they canโ€™t recognize and want a solution
  • They are hereditarily darker and would want to lighten the colour as much as possible.

Dr.Inthu M make every attempt to deliver what is wanted at the same time ensuring that it is done in the most safe and scientific manner probable.

Have a look of general series of events once a patient Desirous ofย skin lighteningย healing comes to the clinic

  • Registration is done at the desk
  • Detailed information and history is occupied by one of the doctors. This can comprise earlier meditation, process history, patient Lifestyle and relations history apart from the difficulty specific in depth questioning. At this stage clinic also tries to appreciate patientsโ€™ expectations as that will decide we have to treat just the face and neck or full body Saturation is to be considered. Also the history will decide what kind of maintenance regime part has to pursue later to uphold the achieved results
  • Baseline photography
  • Planning of real healing

Various skin care procedures available near Dr.Inthu M

  • Skin glow peel, face or face and neck
  • Full body Saturation peel
  • Laser toning facial
  • Intravenous skin Saturation treatment.

These days there is vast demand for skin glowing procedures, particularly when put.

By Dr.Inthu M, you can get skin Care healing would mean that you will be given decent, tested and safe treatments and certain of being in the hands of right specialist Dr.Inthu M. Patients are also encouraged to share their deadlines to attain the desired results so that we can assist them achieve what they are looking at.

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