Personalised Vip Obstetrics Care

Personalised Vip Obstetrics Care

Dr. M. Inthuoffers a wide range of healthcare services that meet the desires of women through all the stages of life, starting from pre-conception planning and pregnancy to menopause and yonder. At every stage, sheoffers personalized care crossways a complete range of Personalised Vip Obstetrics Care. The obstetric care near Dr. M. Inthu comprises management of both routine and high-risk pregnancies, pre-natal diagnosis and treatment. The Personalised Vip Obstetrics Carecomprise care for all disorders of the female reproductive system, emergency gynecological surgery and educative and supportive services for all the requirements of a woman. Specialized care for high-risk pregnancies is provided with doctors and capable nurses available round the clock.

She offers a full spectrum of womenโ€™s Personalised Vip Obstetrics Careโ€“ from annual check-up packages and prenatal care to particular gynecological care. Defensive check-up packages are offered for specific age groups. She also has modified health check-up programs to screen and diagnose chronic diseases, like breast cancer and cervical cancer. She is experienced andpracticed in all areas of womenโ€™s health. The primary objective of her is to endorse the health of women by providing them complete support, care and empathy.

Centre of Excellence : Obstetrics and Gynaecology

A womanโ€™s body undergoes numerous changes from puberty to menopause and various health disorders are common at these stages. Personalised Vip Obstetrics Careis a branch of medication that specializes in diagnosing and treating such conditions.

Obstetrics is a field of medical science that transactions with childbirth and supports women to manage their pregnancy and labour.

Gynaecology, on the other hand, deals with the womanly reproductive system, managing all conditions related with it. Some common conditions managed by gynaecologists comprise management of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and polycystic ovary.

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