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Ovarian Cyst Removal Surgery Cost

We at Maaya Specialty Hospitals believe in carefully examining every ovarian cyst case to provide the best ovarian cyst treatment in Chennai led by Dr.Inthu M, the best OB-Gyn and ovarian cyst specialist in Chennai at the best ovarian cyst removal surgery cost in Chennai. Early diagnosis of patients requiring surgery to remove ovarian cysts is critical to avoid potential complications. 


At our hospital, ovarian cysts are diagnosed using MRI, transvaginal ultrasound, and tumor markers. As one of the best clinics for treating ovarian cysts in Chennai, we recommend appropriate laser cyst treatment or cyst removal surgery to our patients in consultation with our expert ovarian cyst surgeons.

What is Ovarian cyst removal surgery?

Ovarian cyst removal surgery is the process to remove one or more cysts from an ovary or both ovaries. Laparoscopic surgery involves doing small incisions and specialized tools. It will bring faster recovery than open surgery requiring a larger abdominal incision. There are two types of surgeries-Open Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery.


The average Ovary Removal Surgery Cost in Chennai ranges between Rs. 40,000-60,000 in Chennai.  However, the cost of Laparoscopic Surgery for the removal of Ovarian Cyst in Chennai ranges between Rs.70, 000-90,000.


But, the final cost of the procedures is not fixed and the cost of ovarian cyst removal surgery is determined by several factors.

Factors affecting cost of Ovarian Cyst Removal Surgery Cost in Chennai

Several factors play a significant role in finalizing the overall cost of Removal Surgery Cost in Chennai that includes the following: 

  1. Experience of the Surgeon
  2. Type of Ovarian Cyst: 
  3. The Size and Number of Ovarian Cyst
  1. Diagnostic Tests: There are some diagnostic tests to be performed to know the location, size, and number of ovarian cysts. The following diagnostic tests may be recommended by the surgeon:
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • CT Scan
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Hormone Level Test
  • CA-125 Blood Test

The cost of these diagnostic tests will add up to the total cost of ovarian cyst removal surgery.

  1. Surgery to be performed: The type of surgery to be performed will be decided by the surgeon depending on the following factors:
  • Cyst size
  • Number of cysts
  • Location of the cyst
  • Severity of cyst
  • The overall health of the patient