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MTP in Chennai

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Abortion is a medical procedure for ending the ongoing pregnancy. It is also called pregnancy termination or abortion. Pregnancy can be terminated with drugs or surgery. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy so that no child is born. In purely medical terms, abortion is known as the termination of a pregnancy by removing or expelling an embryo or fetus.

Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)

Medical abortion means terminating a pregnancy with the help of drugs. It is also called medical abortion. It helps stop pregnancy and removes the embryo and other products of pregnancy from your body. It is the quickest method of abortion. However, for medical abortion, you should visit the MTP clinic registered in your area. Abortion is done with drugs, but abortion pills are not suitable for all girls and women. If the pregnancy is less than 6-8 weeks for her, the doctor will likely prescribe abortion pills. Another thing is that abortion drugs are only intended to terminate an intrauterine pregnancy.

Surgical Termination of Pregnancy

In a surgical abortion, the pregnancy (sometimes called “uterine contents”) is surgically removed through the vagina. For surgical abortion, the cervix should be opened adequately to allow surgical instruments to be inserted into the uterus. 

Abortion Law in India

The 2021 MTP (Amendment) Act allows abortion up to the 20th week of pregnancy with the consent of a doctor. This includes ensuring that all women will have access to safe abortion services if contraception fails. Providers may require a maximum gestational period of 20 weeks. Find the best MTP in Chennai!


MTP is performed by a professional gynecologist. This is because even minor interventions have high associated risks. It is important to see a gynecologist and understand all the risks associated with the procedure. During pregnancy, an ultrasound scan is performed to confirm the age of the pregnancy and to make sure the pregnancy is not an extrauterine (ectopic pregnancy) or a tumor that has developed in the uterus (molar pregnancy).