Get the Best Infertility Treatment in Chennai

Dr. M. Inthu is a capable Infertility specialist, who will offer her medical expertise in the most comfortable way. Embark on your fertility treatment with the best IVF doctor in Chennai and avail her expert advice to guide you over your journey effectively. With Dr. M. Inthu, your dreams to start a happy family can come true.

How can an Infertility Specialist Help?

The best infertility specialist in Chennai can help you in numerous ways to start a healthy family:

Diagnosing Infertility

Dr. M. Inthu, Infertility Expert in Chennai will understand your lifestyle & your medical history, which may lead to a proper diagnosis of infertility which will further help devise a treatment plan & come up with feasible solutions.

Treating Infertility

Once diagnosed, the Infertility Specialist will devise treatment plans and lists for the couple. The treatment plan will depend on the reason of infertility, the period of infertility the age of the couple & personal preferences.

Helping Expecting Couples

Future mother & fathers expecting to become parents and start a family should access the best fertility doctor in Chennai to make sure that their pregnancy phase will pass without any problems and tackle any hurdles if present.

When should you see an Infertility Specialist?

There are certain conditions that require couples to visit the best productiveness specialist like Dr. M. Inthufor a consultation:

  • Women over 40- For women over 40 not only are the probabilities of conceiving fewer, but the risk for miscarriage is greater.
  • Unstable BMI- Couples with anadvanced or lower BMI should visit the best fertility doctor in Chennai when they try to conceive.
  • Women with Thyroid- An unstable thyroid means unhinged hormones which may impact effective conception or a healthy pregnancy.
  • Women with Reproductive Issues-Women with known problems, like PCOS or PCOD or endometriosis, should be evaluated when they begin endeavoring pregnancy.

Any queries contact with Dr. M. Inthu the best Infertility Specialist.

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