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Fertility Clinic in Kolathur

Namaste Chennai! Maaya Specialty Hospital, a leading fertility clinic in Kolathur offers a wide range of fertility options for childless couples. PCOS, endometriosis, pollution, lack of exercise, delayed parenting and smoking are the main reasons for the increase in infertility in India. Our center in Bhubaneswar is equipped with leading IVF laboratories and high-tech equipment backed by the best fertility specialist in Chennai and the finest embryologists. We provide personalized fertility treatments for both men and women according to their age, health status, lifestyle and more. Our IVF treatment success rate is 60%, surpassing the global success rate of 44%. Best fertility clinic in Chennai!

Best Infertility Specialist in Chennai

Dr. Inthu M is regarded as Best fertility clinic in Kolathur who provides expert medical treatment for infertility problems. Start your fertility treatment with the best IVF doctor in Chennai. She is the Senior Gynecologist & Obstetrician, Gynic Laparoscopic Surgeon, and Cosmetic & Infertility (IVF) Specialist in Chennai. Best Gynecologist Specialist in Chennai! With Dr. Inthu, your dream of building a happy family comes true.

Process of the Fertility Treatment

  • Diagnosing the Infertility – The best fertility doctor in Ayanavaram Chennai will understand your lifestyle and medical history that will lead to an accurate diagnosis of infertility. It will assist in devising treatment plans and developing viable solutions.
  • Treating the Infertility – After diagnosis, a fertility specialist will create a treatment plan and schedule for the couple. Treatment plans vary depending on the cause of infertility, duration of infertility, age of the couple, and personal preferences.
  • Helping Child Expecting Couples – Future moms and dads who want to become parents and start a family should consult with the best fertility doctors in Chennai to ensure that the pregnancy stages progress without complications and overcome any hurdles that may arise.