Female Sexual Problem

Female Sexual Problem
Love making is painstaking as one of the most pleasurable act, it comprises both action and feeling. The action generates a blissful feeling. But for many women this blissful act doesnโ€™t appear so pleasant. If after or during sexual intercourse the blissful feeling is swapped by pain or other sufferings, which is persistent and persistent withย Female Sexual Problem, then you might be suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Understanding sexual dysfunction

Difficulty faced by a woman at any stage of sexual intercourse is termed asย Female Sexual Problem. This prevents you and your partner from having a positive intercourse and from enjoying the sexual act. Do not worry as sexual dysfunction in women is common; many other women just like you face some sort of sexual dysfunction at some point of their lifespan. It may be throughout their early days or later in their life after having a successful period of sex life.


Sexual dysfunction may begin at any stage of your life, it may progressprogressively or it may show itself suddenly, you may either have partial or complete inability to participate in sexual act. Sexual dysfunction may be produced either due to physical inability or due to mental problems or both in many.

Physical factor responsible for sexual dysfunction are

Urinary or bowel illness
Earlier pelvic surgery
Neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS)
Taking medicines such as, antidepressant, blood pressure medicine, antihistamine for any allergy and chemotherapy drugs for cancer
Disease such as diabetes, blood pressure
Consuming excessive alcohol
Vaginal infection

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