Family Planning


Although the best period for a woman to bear kids is in her 20s, due to several reasons like career and not being ready to start a family. Though, with age, the quality of the eggs in the womanโ€™s body degrades, making it problematic, sometimes even impossible for her to get pregnant in her late 30s and afterwards. Hence, it becomes quite essential for both, the woman as well as her partner to plan ahead of time about starting a familyย Factors that matter

  • Age of both buddies
  • Overall health of the mother and the father
  • Use of contraceptives
  • Earlier surgeries performed by either partner


  • As the woman ages after 30, the quality of the eggs produced by her body starts to depreciate rapidly
  • This can make it dreadful for her to get pregnant
  • Also, in the slight casual that she does get pregnant, there is a higher risk of having an ectopic pregnancy (miscarriage)
  • It can also be more energetic for the woman to bear a child at such a late age than it would be in her 20s, due to her overall physical health conditions


  • Contraceptive implants may be used to postponement pregnancy, before the first child or between two children to have adequate spacing
  • Most psychologists would agree that a gap of three to three and a half years among children is optimum

Importance of Family Planning

  • Family planning is asignificant process in the life of a couple, both for the mother as well as her partner.
  • Improper family planning can result in problems faced throughout pregnancy, and may even result in the couple not having a family at all.
  • It is quite vital for both partners to strike a balance among their careers and family, as both require their time and attention.

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