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Comprehensive Abortion Care given by Dr. Inthu because she considers various factors that influence a womanโ€™s individual health needs both physical,mental,personal circumstances and her ability to access services.

It’s legal to terminate or abortย  pregnancy in India MTP act 2021

Till how many weeks can a person terminate?
Termination of pregnancy is permitted up to 24 weeks of gestation if

1- Continuation of pregnancy is a risk to the life of a pregnant woman or could cause grave injury to her physical or mental health

2-When there is substantial risk that the child, if born or dead would be seriously handicapped due to physical or mental abnormalities

3-When pregnancy is caused due to rape (presumed to cause grave injury to the mental health of the woman)

4-When pregnancy is caused due to failure of contraceptives used by a married woman or her husband (presumed to constitute grave injury to mental health of the woman)

5-when the socio-economic condition of the family is poor and the couple already has 2-3 children

For abortions beyond 24 weeks,
a state-level Medical Board will decide if it can be permitted, in case of substantial foetal abnormalities.
The Board will consist of a gynaecologist, a paediatrician, a radiologist or sonographer and any other number of members as notified by the state government.

Do you require consent of parents or husband or attenders when planning to terminate pregnancy?

As per the provisions of the MTP Act, only the consent of woman whose pregnancy is being terminated is required.
However, in case of a minor i.e. below the age of 18 years, or a mentally ill woman, consent of guardian (MTP Act defines guardian as someone who has the care of the minor. This does not imply that only parent/s are required to consent.) is required for termination.
Who can perform MTP?
1.Only doctors with specialisation in gynaecology/obstetrics can perform abortions.

2.One doctor supervison is required to terminate pregnancy before 20 weeks

3,Two doctor supervision is required to terminate pregnancy from 20 to 24 weeks

4.In cases where abortions are desired to terminate pregnancies arising out of rape, where the gestation period exceeds 24 weeks, the only manner would be through a writ petition.

Confidentiality in performing termination-
The name and other particulars of a woman whose pregnancy has been terminated cannot be revealed except to a person authorised by law

Do you have miscarriage leave like how you have maternity leave?

Yes you can avail up to six weeks from the day of miscarriage for availing this particular leave if you have complication out of an abortion you can have one more month of paid leave along with it

We believe that comprehensive abortion care programs will Provide safe, high-quality services, including abortion, post abortion care and family planning services

Cost of the services are affordable and sustainable to women

We understand each womanโ€™s particular social circumstances and individual needs and tailor her care accordingly

Helps the needs of young unmarried women and teach them with knowledge to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions at the same time taking into consideration to serve women with other sexual or reproductive health needs

We provide

Day care medical, surgical and laparoscopic services to terminate pregnancy with ultrasound scan

Contraceptive options like emergency,temporary and permanant methods.

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