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Best Hospital for Family Planning

Natural family planning relies on being able to determine when intercourse will not result in pregnancy. Women can track the changes taking place in their bodies during their menstrual cycle, which allows couples to plan when to have sex and not to avoid pregnancy. This is also used by couples who try to conceive and determine the most fertile period. Family planning helps control the number of children a person has and also helps determine the spacing of births. For this you should know about the best hospital for family planning in Chennai and involved family planning cost in Chennai.


We at Maaya Specialty Hospitals assist couples in determining the number of children and the spacing of children. We provide education, advice, and medical care for couples and expectant mothers. We offer a variety of temporary family planning methods as well as permanent methods such as laparoscopic sterilization for women and vasectomy for men.Dr. Inthu M is a top OB-Gyn, gynecologist, obstetrician, and laparoscopic gynic surgeon in Chennai offering the best family planning operation procedure at the best hospital for family planning in Chennai.

Birth Control and Family Planning

Contraception is the primary way people plan their families. There are many benefits associated with family planning. These include preventing pregnancy-related health risks for women, reducing child mortality, preventing HIV/AIDS, empowering people, reducing teenage pregnancies, and, most importantly, slowing population growth.

Family Planning Procedures

Contraception methods

  • Emergency contraception
  • Awareness of infertility treatment
  • Permanent contraception – vasectomy and/or tubal ligation
  • Long-acting reversible contraception – implant or intrauterine device (iud)
  • Hormonal contraception – pill or depo provera injection
  • Barrier law – condoms


What is Family Planning Operation?

There are two permanent birth control methods –

  • Vasectomy
  • Tubal ligation

Sterilization is the most effective and widely used method of contraception worldwide. Once the desired family size is reached, it is often the best method of contraception. Surgical family planning procedures include tubal ligation for female sterilization and vasectomy for male sterilization. Potential recipients should be carefully selected and counseled before doing both.


When it comes to female sterilization, women are given a local anesthetic to stop the pain and are kept awake except in special cases. The woman can feel the shifting of her uterus and fallopian tubes when the doctor performs the procedure. Maaya Specialty Hospitals provides the family planning procedure at the best family planning operation cost in Chennai.

  • Vasectomy – Vasectomy is used for permanent contraception in men. This involves cutting and sealing the vasa deferentia (tubes that carry sperm from the testicles). It is done by the urologist in 20 minutes with a local anesthetic.
  • Tubal ligation– This is also known as tubal tied or tubal sterilization. It is a form of permanent contraception. Tubal ligation involves cutting, tying, or blocking the fallopian tubes to permanently prevent pregnancy.

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