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High Risk Pregnancy, Associated Complications and Monitoring

Having a baby is almost a natural process. After a full-term pregnancy, delivery occurs at or near the expected date and a healthy baby is born. In a day or two, you will be discharged from the hospital and your daily life with your growing family will begin. However, not all pregnancies go smoothly. Some women experience complications what is called high risk. When such a situation arises, you need to consult one of the best gynaecologist doctors in Chennai.

High-Risk Pregnancy

High-risk pregnancies are associated with increased health risks for the pregnant person, the fetus, or both. Certain health conditions and age (35+ or under 17 if pregnant) may put you at an increased risk of pregnancy. These pregnancies require close monitoring to reduce the risk of complications. 


During pregnancy, women usually go to hospitals that can provide all pregnancy-related services efficiently and quickly. Delayed or neglected services can have serious consequences for the baby and mother. While looking for the best maternity hospital in Chennai for normal delivery or risk-free delivery, the patients are their relatives and mostly turn to the best gynaecologist doctors in Chennai. Maaya Specialty Hospitals is rated as one of the most trusted and best gynecologist hospital in Kolathur Chennai.

Causes of High-risk Pregnancy

  • Pre-existing health problems
  • Pregnancy-related health problems
  • Lifestyle factors (smoking, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, exposure to certain toxins, etc.)
  • Age (if you are over 35 or under 17 and pregnant)

Gynecological signs requiring Check-up

  • Bleeding between periods
  • Irregular bleeding from the vagina
  • Bleeding after menopause
  • Frequent and urgent urination or a burning sensation when urinating
  • Pelvic pain and pressure are different from menstrual cramps

Why Choose Maaya Specialty Hospitals

It is a one-stop maternity center for safe pregnancy and childbirth. It believes in first-class, comprehensive service, from conception to delivery, to make your journey comfortable, enjoyable, and unforgettable. The hospital’s friendly atmosphere, warmth, and protection provide pregnant women with a comfortable and stress-free birth experience.


All deliveries, whether vaginal or cesarean, are performed by a team of experienced and qualified doctors and staff. After birth, our team ensures that you receive the best possible care and proper guidance for aftercare and upbringing. Regular visits by a pediatrician to assess the condition of the newborn, advice on breastfeeding, healthy eating and postnatal exercise, and home care are some of the special services the hospital provides. Here, the hospital offers numerous delivery packages and facilities for the needs of maternity patients.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is a common symptom that manifests in many ways. Pain can come and go, stay constant, be present in different parts of the pelvic region, or change over time or with specific activities. Maaya Specialty Hospitals, the best gynecologist hospital in Kolathur Chennai is guided by the best gynaecologist doctors in Chennai for pregnancy.


The hospital strives to provide quality gynecological and laparoscopic surgery to women of all ages and backgrounds. Her deep understanding of female physiology, emotions and fears has helped her develop individual patient relationships and treatments. She has extensive experience in high-risk pregnancies, urology, prenatal care, laparoscopies, and fertility treatments.