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Infertility, IVF Procedure and Competent IVF Specialists

Infertility is a label that married people do not like to have or do not want to experience. Infertility can be very taxing, both in terms of emotional coping and the cost of treatment. A family is complete when there will have one or two children. Life without children is very difficult, and children make the family complete. 


As with any treatment, the success rate of fertility treatments like IVF is not 100%, but you should choose a fertility clinic or an IVF clinic that is equipped with with solid infrastructure, advanced equipment/technologies, and well-trained and experienced doctors and medical technicians. This will greatly increase your chances of success. In many IVF attempts and fertility treatments, the quality of the IVF or fertility clinic is often the only determinant of success or failure.  If such a situation occurs, you need to contact the best doctor for IVF in Chennai!

IVF fertility Procedure

If infertility problems are caused by insufficient egg or sperm counts, an unqualified testing team may not be able to produce favourable results. But with a well-equipped IVF infrastructure, competent fertility specialists, and advanced medical equipment can produce the results. The quality of clinical laboratories is also important. Technology is evolving every day and fertility labs need to keep up with the latest technology. Unfortunately, some IVF clinics continue to use outdated equipment to cut costs, despite charging patients hefty fees.


Laboratory quality is important, but advanced laboratories can only produce results if they are led by good doctors and scientists. The state-of-the-art IVF clinic must also follow standard quality control measures to ensure the highest level of quality at all touchpoints. An effective quality control system is also essential to ensure that standard procedures are strictly followed.


Embryologists are highly skilled scientists working in laboratories who perform microsurgery and other complex and sophisticated procedures on eggs and sperm. Taken together, these factors have a significant impact on the final outcome of IVF treatment. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing a clinic for IVF treatment.

Dr. Inthu M

Best doctor for IVF in Chennai, Maaya Specialty Hospitals

Maaya Specialty Hospitals is a top-notch Fertility clinic in Anna Nagar led by renowned OB-Gyn and fertility expert Dr. Inthu M. With our world-class labs, fertility experts, and the most ethical practices; it aims to make your dreams of parenthood come true. We at Maaya Specialty Hospitals focus on providing a comprehensive evaluation of couples and deliver tailored fertility care to them.

Why Choose Us

A trusted IVF center in Chennai ensures maximum protection during in vitro fertilization (IVF). We use advanced technology and tools to get the job done the right way. Meanwhile, extreme hygiene and sterilization of tools are regularly performed to avoid any kind of infection or medical compromise. The highest success rate for IVF is 6 cycles.


From this comprehensive analysis, which included results from both fresh and frozen embryo transfers, the researchers found that couples who completed six of their IVF cycles had an average conception success rate of 66%. Consult the best doctor for IVF in Chennai now!