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Abortion Cost in Hospital

Maaya Specialty Hospitals is known as the best abortion cost in hospital under the guidance of Dr Dr. Inthu M who is the best gynecologist and obstetrician in Chennai. Normally the abortion cost in Chennai varies between 10,000 INR-30,000INR depending on the medical condition of the patient. Take a holistic approach, thereby ensuring a systematic diagnosis. She first gets familiar with the patient’s detailed medical history, establishes personal relationships with the patient, and facilitates discussions on her problems and all issues related to abortion.

Laws Related to Abortion

Abortion is the termination of the pregnancy by the removal of an embryo or fetus by surgical procedure. Then, abortion can be done by medications known as medical termination of pregnancy with the usage of drugs or various combinations of drugs. Abortion in India is legal in some situations subject to the terms and conditions prescribed under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act. In 2021, the Union Government has amended the abortion law for the benefits of the citizens of India. Now, the females are allowed to terminate their pregnancies till 20 weeks (due to contraception failure) under a qualified gynaecologist.


Prior to an abortion, an obstetrician / gynecologist may request several tests such as pelvic ultrasound to know the duration and type of pregnancy whether it is molar or ectopic.  Then, the doctor will do blood and urine tests if the patient is suffering from anemia or has any other medical complications such as diabetes, high/low BP, or sexually transmitted diseases.


Surgical abortion is a process in which the gynecologist dilates the cervix and places a small suction tube into the uterus.  Then, the obstetrician-gynecologist makes the use of suction to remove the fetus and associated pregnancy tissue from the uterus. During the surgical abortion, the doctor applies general anesthesia to the patient not to feel the pain during the procedure.