3D Laparoscopic, Key Hole Or Scar Less Surgery

3D Laparoscopic/Key Hole Or Scar Less Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is nowadays the primary technique for a rapidly increasing number of gynae related surgeries. Most of the multifaceted surgeries are done under 3D Laparoscopic/Key Hole Or Scar Less Surgery.Laparoscopycures has been adopting the latest technology for better surgical results.

The 3D camera system is the modern technique in laparoscopic field. 2D laparoscopic surgery is the traditional way in which a single camera is used called monoscopic compares to 3D laparoscopy which comprises two cameras call stereoscopic.

This permits speedy recovery with shorter hospitalize period, less blood loss and minimal pain. The 3D technology advances hand-eye coordination which can help the surgeon to operate with greater accuracy.

With the help of the 3D view, itsupports surgeons to operate with precise measurement which can be helpful for surgeons to advance their skills to work fast and efficiently.


After laparoscopy, you may feel groggy and bemused as you recover from the effects of the anaesthetic. Some persons feel sick or vomit. These are common side effects of the anaesthetic and should pass rapidly.

Youโ€™ll be monitored by a nurse for a few hours until youโ€™re entirely awake and able to eat, drink and pass urine.

Before you leave hospital, youโ€™ll be told how to keep your wounds clean and when to return for a follow-up appointment or have your stitches unconcerned (although dissolvable stitches are often used).

For a few days after the process, youโ€™re likely to feel some pain and discomfort where the incisions were made, and you may also have a sore throat if a breathing tube was used. Youโ€™ll be given anesthetic medication to help ease the pain.

Some of the gas used to inflate your stomach can remain inside your abdomen after the process, which can cause:

In the days or weeks after the process, youโ€™ll probably feel more tired than usual, as your body is using a lot of energy to heal itself. Taking even naps may help.

In conclusion, it is clear that 3D Laparoscopic/Key Hole Or Scar Less Surgery is larger in comparison to traditional 2D laparoscopic surgeries but both have their diverse purpose. To know more about the surgery, consult with Dr. M. Inthu.

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