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Skin Whitening Treatment in Chennai Skin whitening or lightening treatments are for reducing the amount of melanin in the skin. Melanin deposition causes dark spots and skin discoloration. So, if you suppress it with medicine, your skin will be clearer than before. Treatment can reduce melasma, sun exposure, freckles, and other forms of age spots. Melanin is formed by melanocyte cells. The percentage of melanin in a person’s skin varies depending on their genetic makeup. Melanin production depends on sun exposure, the degree of skin damage, and chemical exposure. Skin whitening, skin lightening and skin bleaching are skin tone-lightening procedures using chemicals. This method ensures a uniform complexion by reducing the concentration of melanin. Skin color may change. For example, less direct sunlight exposure will lighten your tan. However, over time, some discolorations such as “melasma” and “blemishes” become more or less permanent. Dr. INTHU M, MBBS, M.S OG, (Ph.D.) OB-Gyn and Cosmetic Gynecologist provide the best skin whitening treatment in Chennai. Skin Bleaching Treatment Skin bleaching is a cosmetic procedure that reduces skin discoloration and enhances skin tone. Some people apply whitening agents all over their bodies to change their complexion, but they are dangerous. Some skin-lightening products contain mercury, so bleaching your skin can lead to mercury poisoning. Skin whitening treatment in India Some common skin lightening treatments are the following: • Chemical Peel: In this procedure, the dermatologist will prescribe the application of a solution that contains alpha-hydroxy acids produced from natural sources for the removal of the dead upper layers of the skin. It reduces the melanin build-up resulting in healthy tissues appearing on the surface. Chemical peels are of 3 types-light, medium, and deep. The chemical peel involves the gentle option that is lightening the discolored skin by reducing the facial blemishes, dark spots, tan, dark spots, and skin tone. Chemical peels are highly effective for facial skin lightening. • Laser Treatment: Laser treatment involves using a concentrated beam of light to reduce the melanin build-up in the specified areas. The immune system of the skin removes the remnants of the melanin pigment. As a result of that, the skin will become healthier and brighter. The regenerated skin is attractive and flawless. Book your appointment at Maaya Specialty Hospitals for best skin whitening treatment in Chennai!